All About Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is something that can happen to any piece of property because of unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. Of course when that happens, there are services that can help with this kind of issue. These services are known as water damage restoration services and these services are used very often by property owners especially commercial property owners.

Now for those who do not know what these services are about, basically this restoration process is the process of fixing a piece of property that has sustained a heavy amount of water related damage. The restoration process aims to bring back the property to its former glory before it was hit by the problem in the first place. These kinds of services would handle the restoration of the property caused by floods and even the damage caused by after effects of the flood as well.

Water-DamageThe cause of these types of problems can be either a natural calamity like a typhoon, a monsoon, and a tsunami, or an accidental unforeseen event such as a broken pipe or a clog in the sewage system. When these kinds of things happen, people will experience heavy floods inside the property which would cause some damage to all the appliances and things there. Of course floods can also be very dangerous to the health of people as well since the water in floods is dirty water.

Now when a team of technicians would do this process, they would also take care of things like sewage cleanup or mold remediation because these are some of the after effects of floods. When it comes to sewage cleanup they will first be unclogging all of the sewage lines so that floods will not happen again. Then they will restore all the damage done by the flood caused by the sewage problem. Of course because of these floods, there would often be mold build ups on the walls and on the floor. One team will be assigned to the cleaning up of these molds with special methods because molds can actually be very dangerous to the health of people if people would come into contact with them. Of course the team would have to work very fast because molds would grow and they have to destroy them immediately before they would spread to other parts of the property.

Now another thing that can happen due to floods and excessive leakage would be electrical fires. When a flood comes into contact with an electrical wire or an electric line, then there is a very big chance that a fire may spark out due to this. So aside from just cleaning up after the flood and restoring the damage caused by it, technicians would also go out of their way to be able to help with the fire damage restoration. They will also do a smoke restoration in order to take care of the damage that was done by the smoke caused by the electrical fire.

Now in order to determine the severity of the damage done by a flood, there is a categorization process that technicians would often use. There are three categories in which they can be able to determine this. These three categories are the clean water category, the grey water category, and the black water category and this categorization method will give the technicians an idea of what they are up against and what equipment they will have to bring to the affected site. This categorization method will also be able to help them announce to the residents of the property what has to be done and what they should do in order to keep themselves safe from any harm.

First one would be the clean water category which is water that is generally generally clean and not at all harmful to the health of humans. In this category, companies would not need to perform a full scale operation there is not really any threat to the people in the affected property anyway. They would most likely just have to dry the property and help fix all the things that were affected but would not really do something extensive.

The second category is the grey water category which can already be harmful to the health of the people in the property. When one would refer to this category, he means that the flood would contain some substances like chemicals or other related things that can cause some harm and some sickness to people as well as some harm to the things in the property. When this happens, technicians would have to be extra hard working in making sure that nothing was contaminated by the flood.

The last category would be black water which is the most dangerous out of the three because this kind of flood can seriously hurt the health of a person. Floods that are in this category would already contain things like harmful bacteria, strong chemicals, fungi, and other things like these. If the flood comes in contact with any person, that person can seriously get sick with an infection or something even worse. When this happens, a full scale operation has to be done in order to make sure that the flood does not reach other parts of the property otherwise everything can get contaminated.

So as one can see, these types of services are very important to any property owner because one will never know when disasters are going to strike. In Portland, Oregon, these types of services are very sought out because property owners, especially commercial property owners would want to be ready just in case a flood disaster may arise. By already knowing about the providers that would give this kind of service, property owners can be more at ease when a disaster would come because they can be able to minimize the damage that was done and can be able to clean up afterwards without having to suffer so much. It definitely pays to be prepared for things that are not expected to come.


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